Synchronise OpenEdge databases into your SQL Server environments.

Up-to-date, accurate data is essential to gain insight into your business’s performance and an advantage to out-grow your competitors. If your business systems are running on OpenEdge then it’s likely you have already experienced difficulties accessing your data. Typically, these systems are full of valuable business information yet closed-off from the modern, preferred methods of data retrieval and reporting.

OpenEdge vendors have acknowledged and attempted to work around this problem by creating their own built-in Data Warehouse solutions or ETL procedures. Most, if not all, of these workarounds are either quickly out-of-date or limited in the data they provide access to.

Maluma’s DataSync software makes your OpenEdge data available for interrogation inside a SQL Server database. DataSync monitors changes in your data and constantly synchronises them into a mirror-image SQL database. All your OpenEdge data is now in SQL Server, up-to-date and readily available.

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