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Maluma Fusion

Records Management and Document Archiving. Read more 

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Maluma DataSync

Synchronise OpenEdge databases into your SQL Server environments. Read more 

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Data Migration Services

Our team of experienced data migration consultants can perform full project lifecycle services to analyse, extract, transform and cleanse your data before it is loaded into your new system. Read more 

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Visualfiles® Technical Consultancy

Our team is one of the foremost authorities on the Visualfiles and SolCase database structures and has extensive experience of extracting and manipulating these data sets to suit specific needs for many firms throughout the UK. Read more 

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Systems Integrations

Joining data from disparate systems can be a fundamental step in improving business processes and gaining necessary insights from your data. Read more 

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Data Management

Good quality data is vital to every business and is key to improving client service, effective decision making and minimising the risk of compliance issues. Read more 

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Application Development

Whether you require tools and utilities to streamline your employees' daily routines or full-blown line of business applications to replace manual processes we can do it all. Read more